Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing
Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing

Kinesiology - Perceptual Bodywork

Origin of kinesiology


An American chiropractor Dr George Goodheart researched the link between muscles, meridians and the organs / systems of the body. This work became Applied Kinesiology. Dr John Thie then developed the Touch for Health programme (a type of foundation kinesiology). Many kinesiologists over the years have contributed to the world of kinesiology - hence the many different versions. My own kinesiology training has been within Touch for Health, Creative Kinesiology-Perceptual Bodywork.


Kinesiology offers help to people wanting to explore the meaning behind their symptoms, to track to the root cause of a problem and helps to facilitate energetic healing at all levels. When we discover the cause of our symptoms; where they are rooted in our system and why they have originated, we then have the pieces of the jigsaw we need for healing to take place.

Muscle Response testing (MRT) – is at its core,  a gentle non-invasive way of getting a direct feed-back from the whole body. All levels are addressed, structural, emotional, bio-chemical, electrical, reactivity. Through communicating via the muscle you can by pass the part of your brain that thinks it knows what it is all about and access the ‘other’, wiser parts of yourself.


It is a science and an art form, a blend of ancient Chinese 5 Element energy medicine, with its understanding of energy in the body, and modern Chiropractic, with its knowledge of muscles and bones and how they move. The approach is one of working deeply with energy, helping people to overcome deep seated emotional, physical and energetic patterns which can manifest as aches and pains, illness, frustration with life, learning difficulties, depression, lack of confidence, low energy states and a lack of fulfilment or purpose.


Kinesiology is therefore an excellent method to uncover the underlying causes of health problems, as well as assisting in releasing stresses that are carried in the body’s systems. Muscle testing allows the practioner to use their own individual skills and other healing techniques/modalities and integrate them into the session where appropriate.


During a session it is important to work together with the client to discover the root causes of the problem and the triggers to effective healing. In this way, conditions are created for the body to find its own way of healing. This approach knows that we are made up of our stories – that our life experiences contribute to who we are today. Not all of our past is helpful or supportive to life now.


By releasing unwanted or unhelpful results of our life experiences (whatever  they are) the body, mind and energy systems are able to find a new zest for life and full potential. Using gentle balancing techniques – guided by the innate wisdom of the body – the inner powers of healing and desire for health are able to work.


Touch for Health, Perceptual Bodywork,

Massage, Reflexology


  • uses gentle techniques with pressure and knowledge of musles, bones and joints
  • uses the 'balancing' of energy meridians to allow subtle shifts throughout the body  - bringing harmony
  • sessions are individually designed according to the client's requests and medical history

1st session usually £60  - pro rata allow up to 1.5 hours

Follow up sessions usually £55 - 1 hour+ (longer sessions may be charged more). If a report is required, this involves an extra cost re time taken.

Prices for individual types of therapies upon enquiry...Thank you

I also offer special rates for children - please ask.

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Face to face sessions are currently available


Online sessions and workshops are also available via Zoom.

Discount for NHS and Care workers


Hangout for TFHers via Zoom.

1 hour. Cost £10. IKC HO certificate issued.



International Kinesiology College - Balancathon

September 30th.

I am teaching TFH 1 on September 29th & 30th.

We will 'tune' into this event at 'Heart time' - 1pm.


Donations to TFH Charity




Touch for Health Training, face-face. 

Total 15 hours.

Cost  £280 for each Touch For Health level

includes Manual & IKC certificate



TFH 1. September 29th & 30th. 
TFH 2. October 13th/14th or 20th & 21st?
TFH 3. November 3rd & 4th
TFH Proficiency. TBA

TFH Metaphors. 2023


5 Elements & Goal Work.

(pre-requisite TFH 2).



Health Kinesiologists

Please contact me for more details...


TFH Practice Sessions

(pre-requisite TFH 1) - 1pm.  

Held regularly -please contact me for next date...


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