Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing
Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing

Touch For Health Courses

The Synthesis is taught over 5 two-day workshops, or equivalent hours to suit students and Instructors, according to the syllabus of The Internation Kinesiology College (IKC).


Level 1 - This level is Open to All. 

Enables you to give a 'Balance' using the monitoring/testing of 14 muscles. You will be taught energy corrections such as neuro-lymphatic(rubbing points), neuro vascular (head holding points), meridian lines, muscle - origin & insertion, and spinal reflex applications. You will also learn to release emotional stress and therefore maybe help to reduce pain. You will learn how to apply this information to help yourself and others...


Level 2

Builds on skills and introduces 14 more muscle monitoring/tests (28 muscles). The application of the Chinese Law of 5 Elements to energy balancing, over and under energy, is introduced, along with food testing with sensitivity mode; the principles of yin and yang applied to meridians and organs… and much more!


Level 3

Introduces a further final 14 muscles (Total 42) along with facilitation/inhibition theory; correction methods for gaits, postural problems and reactive concepts, allowing the body to function as harmoniously as is possible. Pain tapping to help chronic pain, using pulse checks, is also within this module.


Level 4

Develops your skills further and gives you deeper understanding of the emotional work introduced in previous levels. Balancing with sound, colour, and working with goals...along with Tibetan energy flows and postural stress release work is introduced or built upon...My aim is to help guide students on to the 'next step' that suits them as required...

This higher level leads you into a choice, of whether you wish to progress onto a Professional Kinesiology Course (Assessment required) or continue onto the TFH Proficiency level...or you may wish to do both...Further information given as required...


TFH Proficiency Level - please see below


After each or all of these workshops, you are well equipped to balance family and friends, or use the self- help techniques to improve your own health and well being.

If you already carry practitioner insurance, each module may be added to your therapies covered as completed.

TFH Proficiency - IKC
This level reviews the entire syllabus and introduces some basic client care, record keeping, ethical and legal requirements for working with the public. It also prepares you for a formal IKC Assessment, after succeeding you may join the Kinesiology Federation as a TFH Proficient if you wish... and obtain insurance to work with the public and charge a fee.

To book a place, or for further information, please contact me

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Face to face sessions are currently available


Online sessions and workshops are also available via Zoom.

Discount for NHS and Care workers


Hangout for TFHers via Zoom.

1 hour. Cost £10. IKC HO certificate issued.



International Kinesiology College - Balancathon

September 30th.

I am teaching TFH 1 on September 29th & 30th.

We will 'tune' into this event at 'Heart time' - 1pm.


Donations to TFH Charity




Touch for Health Training, face-face. 

Total 15 hours.

Cost  £280 for each Touch For Health level

includes Manual & IKC certificate



TFH 1. September 29th & 30th. 
TFH 2. October 13th/14th or 20th & 21st?
TFH 3. November 3rd & 4th
TFH Proficiency. TBA

TFH Metaphors. 2023


5 Elements & Goal Work.

(pre-requisite TFH 2).



Health Kinesiologists

Please contact me for more details...


TFH Practice Sessions

(pre-requisite TFH 1) - 1pm.  

Held regularly -please contact me for next date...


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