Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing
Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing


TFH 1 Workshop

" of the most empowering parts of the weekend for me was being able to work on a 'model' at the end...and work through a TFH session, it made a huge difference to my confidence!

This hasn't happened on any course I've been on before, being new to therapies working out how to put the knowledge into a working session after a course I've found a real stumbling block... what to say, procedures having a checklist to work through step by step and the course time and support to experience that was fantastic..." Greig C


TFH 2 Workshop student, after a 'Balance'.

2 days later sent me a text to say, the 'Gait' work really helped. I can't feel any pain at all this morning...and the Big toe happily rests on the floor. Did some more massage to the reflex points on the foot...This TFH is truely brilliant...big toe still on the ground and pain free...Linda W



"I just wanted to say that I feel so much better today after the kinesiology session, and had the best nights sleep in ages.

Thank you very much for helping with my problems...I've been using tapping as my self-help..." Hazel J


Kinesiology Professional Training & KF Mentor

'Thank you so much. I am so incredibly lucky to have met you, I love my work and I am so grateful for all that you have taught me and shared with me and all the support you have evr given me. Hopefully the ripple will be far reaching. Changing lives one muscle at a time!!!  Anita R


Self Help Workshops

"...the best £15 of my husbands money I have ever spent!" Catherine B





"I first met Rachel through the Leonard Cheshire Disability Home in Dorchester.  My husband was ill and the home looked after him whilst I had an hour of pampering.  Rachel was always very kind and the various treatments I had made me feel so much better.  She always listened to me and helped me through difficult times.

I continued to use Rachel after my husband went into care and I found this helped me immensely. She was always so very welcoming and sympathetic and again the treatments were very relaxing.

I would highly recommend her.  I just wish she was local to me and I could still use her."

Christine T - Oxfordshire



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Face to face sessions are currently available

A professional protocol will be used, re Covid.


Online sessions and workshops are also available via Zoom.

Discount for NHS and Care workers


Hangout for TFHers via Zoom.

1 hour. Cost £10. IKC HO certificate & notes issued. 

TFH Students

February 21st

Open House -questions

10am & 7pm.

please message me for more information


Energy Awareness

'Self-help'  Workshop. 

International Kinesiology 'Open House' Day

March 18th. Stradbroke.

10am - 4pm

Donations to TFH Charity


Come and join us to find out more... how to use 'Energy Awareness Techniques' from my years of Touch for Health/Kinesiology trainings. My aim is to help a group look at 'issues' and to help people look after themselves and others...

Open to me to book a place. 




Touch for Health Training, face-face. Covid protocol will be observed.

Total 15 hours.

Cost approx £280 for each Touch For Health level

includes Manual & IKC certificate



TFH Metaphors. 2023


5 Elements & Goal Work.

(pre-requisite TFH 2).

Cost approx 

£280. 2 day course

Stradbroke. Suffolk.


Health Kinesiologists

Please contact me for more details...


TFH Practice Sessions

(pre-requisite TFH 1) - 1pm.  

Held regularly -please contact me for next date...


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