Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing
Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing

Remedial Massage

For thousands of years massage has been used for its therapeutic and healing effects on the body. While it has not always been understood why massage worked, the positive results were recognised and appreciated. From the relief of muscular and skeletal pain to the treatment of a wide range of conditions and ailments, massage has proven itself an effective tool for medicinal healing and general body maintenance.


Modern advances in science and medicine have brought with them a better understanding of how and why massage works. A better understanding of the biomechanics of the body has also brought important advances in massage itself.   This increased knowledge has allowed for the refinement of existing techniques and has allowed development of new approaches.


Today, massage has again entered the medical mainstream and is seen by many as an important adjunct to qualified medical treatment.

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'Self-help'  Workshop. Stradbroke.

10am - 1pm.

May 12th.

Come and join us to find out more... how to use 'Energy Awareness Techniques' from my years of Touch for Health/Kinesiology trainings. My aim is to help people look after themselves and others...

Open to me to book a place. £20...


Book early!




3 day KF Foundation Integrated Course for HK4

March 3rd - 5th Blidworth

May 26th - 28th  London


Touch for Health 1.


Suffolk. March 23rd & 24th. 2018


Touch for Health 2. 

Stradbroke. Suffolk.

May 18th & 19th. 2018


Touch for Health Proficiency.

January 19th & 20th. Stradbroke, Suffolk.

Spaces available...


March 9th & 10th. 2018.

Bishops Stortford. Herts. Fully booked.


TFH Metaphors. TBA


CPD - Workshop

Sharing ideas from IASK Conference - Italy.




Please contact me for more details...



TFH Practice Sessions

(pre-requisite TFH 1) - 1pm.  £35.

Held regularly - please contact me for next date...


Kinesiology Federation & IASK Conference. Oxford

April 14th & 15th.

contact Bettina;


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