Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing
Kinesiology and Bodywork with Rachel Lead Positive Health & WellBeing

Perceptual Bodywork Courses - the TFH route


TBA dates: Please see Calendar.


Pre-requisite TFH 1-4 or Life Tracking 1-5 or an equivalent Kinesiology Foundation training.


Please contact Rachel for more information and to book your place.

Perceptual Bodywork Training A Perceptual Bodywork Workshop at the IASK conference in Copenhagen

Perceptual Bodywork


Natalie Davenport - the originator - compiled this training from her years of working with 'TFH and Applied Kinesiology'.

A professional kinesiology training that offers an opportunity to further develop your skills in muscle monitoring and bodywork. The modules will take you step by step on a journey of learning simple and effective adjustments to the physical, nutritional, emotional and electro-magnetic realms of the body. You will also explore various other approaches derived from my own practice, the originator of this work and Applied Kinesiology. The focus of this training is to learn how to 'initiate' and 'facilitate' the body's own healing mechanisms. The aim is to restore good health and positive awareness to yourself and others by developing your own innate skills and higher senses.


Within Perceptual Bodywork the focus is on self responsibility and total respect for every individual’s journey in life. The course itself provides the means for each person to take further steps in their own self-awareness and growth process. This is encouraged in the group setting during the training course itself.


Course Syllabus includes:

Opening the senses – introduction to the nine body senses

  • Electromagnetic dynamics
  • Eight Ancestral Meridians
  • Fascial dynamics
  • Structural dynamics
  • Healing dynamics
  • Cranial dynamics
  • Nutritional dynamics
  • Emotional dynamics

Throughout the course, the focus for learning is on increasing sensory awareness and developing the supra sense, as well as development of professionalism and creativity in the giving and receiving of techniques.


Course Details


Recognition: The course is recognised as a professional training by the Kinesiology Federation. UK.

Length: 20 days (5 modules of 4 days - 150 hours)
This gives a Professional Certificate in Creative Kinesiology – Perceptual Bodywork.


Entry: is open to anyone who has completed a full foundation course in kinesiology:  Touch for Health, LifeTracking or equivalent training.


Home study: involves practice sessions, written case studies as well as study and preparation of a project. (The estimated amount of time spent on home study -120 hours is equivalent to that of the training course itself). Total 240 hours minimum.


Personal sessions: students are required to have personal sessions during their training (at least 1 session between each module), so that the work is learned from the 'inside out' as well as from the 'outside in'.


Assessment: is continuous by peers, trainer and self. A final practical assessment is made at the end of the course by an outside assessor.

Mentoring: is included as part of the training course.

Confidentiality: an ethical requirement for practitioners, is also part of the training course.


Additional training required: Once this Certificate is achieved, you can start practicing immediately with the general public as an "intermediate" professional. You can join the Kinesiology Federation as a KF associate - in training to KFRP. You then have an initial 3 year period to complete "Core subjects" in:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Practice Management


  • 200 hours of professional clinical practice and
  • 4 mentoring sessions per year.

This leads to the complete professional status - (KFRP).

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September 25th

IKC - Touch for Health Balancathon.

Worlingworth Community Centre

Shop Street



IP13 7HG


10am - 12 noon. Group/World Energy Balance

Join in with TFH Energy Awareness techniques for 'Self-Help'...for yourself and others...


Bring your lunch & stay:

1pm - 4pm. TFH Sharing... Update your TFH skills, observe a TFH Balance.


Donations to TFH charity please.



Face to face sessions are currently available

PPE guidelines will be followed and a professional protocol will be used.


Online sessions and workshops are also available via Zoom.


Discount for NHS and Care workers





Energy Awareness

'Self-help'  Workshop. Online/FtoF


Come and join us to find out more... how to use 'Energy Awareness Techniques' from my years of Touch for Health/Kinesiology trainings. My aim is to help a group look at 'issues' and to help people look after themselves and others...TBA

Open to me to book a place. 


Book early, limited spaces



Touch for Health Training

'Blended Version' i.e. Online teaching (up to 5 hours) and face-face as allowed (PPE worn). Total 15 hours.


Cost approx £260 for each TFH level

includes Manual & IKC certificate

IP21 5HX 
Touch for Health 1.

Touch for Health 2. 



Touch for Health 3.



Touch for Health 4.




TFH Metaphors. 2021


5 Elements & Goal Work.

(pre-requisite TFH 2).

Cost £260. 2 day course

Stradbroke. Suffolk.


Health Kinesiologists

3 Day KF Foundation Course - 3 days

Cost £390. F2F practical.



Please contact me for more details...


TFH Practice Sessions

(pre-requisite TFH 1) - 1pm.  

Held regularly -please contact me for next date...


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